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5 Reasons to Love Camper Vans

In case you haven’t heard, camper vans have made a comeback…and it’s true: I’ve become a #vanlife convert. Our van – Penelope is her name – is a 1995 GMC Vandura. She is not fancy and that’s one of the best parts! You... read more

Social Media Quiz: Are You Ruining the Outdoors?

The buzz that social media is ruining the outdoors is certainly an eye opener; however, not adventuring is simply not the answer. So what is, and how do we save our parks while still enjoying them (and #Instagramming them of course)? We’ve created a quiz to help.... read more

Unpopular Opinion: Are Shants The Worst Invention Ever?

The last pair of shants I bought lies in a garbage dump somewhere in Greece. They had to be the single most appalling clothing invention of all time – and as a staunch outdoor enthusiast, I’ve seen some weird things. At least, that’s what I thought until I... read more

Does Music Belong In The Mountains?

Pink Floyd will hold your hand while your mind takes a short vacation. Frank Sinatra will get your fingers snapping. Justin Bieber will either get your toes curling or eyes rolling. Music is so powerful. It has the ability to influence mood, atmosphere, and... read more

Why You Need To Go Winter Camping

Don’t knock it until you try it. I know winter camping kind of sounds like a terrible idea, but it’s great for a couple of reasons. Hear us out!   You’ll have it all to yourself It’s winter, so most sensible people are inside in an... read more

Top Reasons Why Humans Are Better Than Bears

*Bears only wish they were us. There are countless reasons for their jealousy. We have opposable thumbs: opening coolers and trash cans are just a few of the many useful and exciting activities where we have the upper hand. We can also point at things, let’s see you... read more

15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hike the West Coast Trail

Thinking about hiking the world famous West Coast Trail? Think again. It’s not that awesome. 1. It’s wet Located on the far west coast of Vancouver Island, the West Coast Trail is known for its precipitation. When it’s not rainy, it’s often misty, so you’re... read more

Why You Should Never Date a Climber

Underneath those well-defined back muscles and can-do attitue lies a laundry list of red flags. 1. They’re slow to reach for their wallet. New gear? Of course they can manage to find the cash to support their cardinal hobby, but they’re not about to splurge on an... read more

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