You know the kind of breakup where your heart feels like it’s splitting in two? Dramatic, I know. But there are those days when the amount of rom-coms, nights out with friends, and cuddles with the neighbourhood cat just doesn’t seem to make it better.

So that’s when you turn to the mountains, they provide the best therapy. Here’s why:

  1. Because the view from the top makes all of your problems seem insignificant.

Started from the bottom – now we’re here.

2. Because everything seems possible again

That mountain? It’s calling your name.

3. Because fresh turns on the slopes gets the endorphins pumping

A few hoots and hollers don’t hurt either.

4. Because creating your own memories is better than obsessing over old ones

Plus, you may learn to laugh at your mistakes – the mountains won’t judge you.

#mountaintherapy for the win.

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