The Weekday Warrior : Two 14’s and a 13

After a successful season of hiking on the Canadian side of the Rocky Mountains including over 50 ascents I saw the first signs of winter approaching and instead of running for cover I did what any fair-weather hiker would do. I booked the next flight south!... read more

Cabin Fever: British Columbia

It’s okay. We know you have a sense of adventure; we believe you. But we don’t blame you for preferring to stay in a hut over a tent at night. After a long day on the trail or on skis, nothing beats a cabin. We’ve put together a list of a few of the... read more

Social Media Quiz: Are You Ruining the Outdoors?

The buzz that social media is ruining the outdoors is certainly an eye opener; however, not adventuring is simply not the answer. So what is, and how do we save our parks while still enjoying them (and #Instagramming them of course)? We’ve created a quiz to help.... read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Frosh Survival

Frosh is one of the most anticipated events for all university students; whether you’re a first year or a seasoned veteran, everyone is excited for this week of madness. Before embarking on your Frosh week journey, it’s important to know some tips and tricks to make... read more

Run Away Together: 5 Tips for Adventuring as a Couple

Easily one of the best things about relationship is having another person to go adventuring with. Roaming the wilderness together can connect people in in a way that many of us never considered. While it can be challenging at times, the risk of driving each other nuts... read more

Winter Dating: The Victory and the Struggle

It seems like almost everything gets more difficult in the winter… it takes longer to get dressed, you have to scrape a layer of ice off of your car to get anywhere, you risk frost-bite every time you have to go to the bathroom… just staying alive in the... read more

Things Nobody Tells You About Running A Half Marathon

Thinking of running your first ever half marathon? Awesome! Prepare to join the ranks of the sort of fit, impressive people that many of us only dream of being. In the spirit of full disclosure, here are some things we think you should know before you embark on your... read more

Outdoor Jargon For Everyday Life

We use it in on the trails, in the water and on the slopes, and I don’t see a reason to not repurpose it for everything else. Here’s some outdoor jargon that can easily be transitioned to into our everyday life. ShuttleBunny shutt·le bun·ny  | noun The person... read more

How Outdoorsy is Your Ride?

Pickup Truck This one is tricky. The casual, bare-bones pickup truck is authentic and shows the mark of a no-nonsense outdoorsmen who just needs a place to put his gear, and maybe a seat for his dog, Hank. The other end of the pickup truck spectrum is the eight wheel... read more

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