Smeared makeup, aching feet, pounding headache… Sound familiar? Those were all part of a common weekend for me. I was tired of waking up with a feeling of regret, not to mention wondering where my phone and wallet was, so I decided to do something about it. I hit up the Outdoors. Have you heard of it? Better yet, are you on the guest list?

Oh wait; there is no guest list. Here’s why you should ditch the usual spot and hit up the hottest club right now: The Outdoors.

Symmetrical eyeliner, matching shoes to your dress?

Wear what you want, nature won’t judge you.


The bouncer won’t turn you away.

No need to show your ID here, The Outdoors is for everyone. Even your dog.


The only thing grinding on you is your backpack.

Up to you if you want to grind back.


No need to give up your digits for a free drink.

In fact drinks come free flowing.


The photos of you and your friends will be infinitely better.

Better yet, you won’t lose your voice from trying to to tell your friend to take the picture already.


Seeing where you are going is encouraged.

No one likes tripping over anything. Headlamps are considered cool here.


Waking up with a cloudy head? Or waking up above the clouds?

I’ll take the latter.

The only thing you’ll regret is not staying another night.

Calling in sick is always an option, this time sans hangover.


Looking for something more intense? Don’t worry; your night will always be intents. Unless you would rather a hammock;)

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