Winter Olympic Update: Preparation is the Key

In Pyeongchang with Jamie Clarke

Preparation is key when it comes to the Olympics, especially on game day.

And so it should also be when you venture into the backcountry. Be ready!

I’ve witnessed the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team arrive at the rink 2.5 hours before a game.

Precise warm-up routines and a bit of superstition help get the athletes comfortable and ready to compete.

Stretching. Spinning. Soccer. Squash ball bouncing. Weight lifting. Push ups. Sit ups. Rubber band exercises. Special bottles of this vegetable juice (I’ve been sworn to secrecy) consumed here, electrolyte bottles there. Group sessions. Something for the defense. Something the offense. Then the goalies. Team meeting. Group video. Keys-to-winning discussion. Back to some sprinting behind the stands. Lots of jumping. Wow, these guys can jump. Some inch warms, which made me happy to see because I hate inch warms. But now I will do more.

And all the while the athletes are madly getting ready, so are the coaches with miniature hockey rink coloured clip boards and dray erase pens in three colours.

There is a wonderful energy. And plenty of room for smiles and even laughter. And a lot of talking. Some loud meant for the surrounding audience and some in whispers over there. The support staff of a massage therapist, a couple trainers, a strength coach and team doctor are all buzzing till game time—which is counted down on clocked in every room.

Be sure you’re prepared when you head out. The right gear. The commensurate knowledge. Back up plans and safety routines.

Being prepared is not just for Olympians.

Now get up and #GoForGold2018


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