What Should We Make?

Help Us Decide What to Make Next

If you were launching an outdoor gear company, what products would you make first?

A pack?

Nothing gets you moving outside better than a daypack loaded up with snacks, water, a map and some ambition.

Hardshell jacket?

Who doesn’t want or need to be protected from the wind or rain or both or worse?

A tent maybe.

How do you get more outside than sleeping there?

We’ve been running Live Out There selling other company’s gear for more than 7 years. Our data can tell us what to make–but that is only a part of the story…

Interestingly, we’re not making any of the above products as part of our inaugural offering which we will launch next month. But what do you think we should make? Now’s the time to decide on next spring’s collection.

So, we’re asking for help:

  • What’s your favourite piece of outdoor gear?
  • What do you love it about it?
  • What could be better?
  • If Live Out There could make a perfect piece just for you, what would it be?