This Jacket Has No Name

Help Us Rename Our ______ Jacket!

We’ve been legally compelled to change the name of our beloved ______ Jacket.

______ was the name we picked for our down hooded jacket because it is one of the Seven Summits—the highest points on the continents. Mount ______ was my second of the Seven Summits after Aconcagua and a year before Everest. It was extra special because I climbed it with my then girlfriend (now wife). It was just the two of us. We went early in the season, so we could have the mountain largely to ourselves. We skied in and planned to ski down. It was a bold effort.

The weather was terrible on day two and stayed that way for a month. We were pinned for a week at 17,000 feet. Our tent couldn’t protect us so we dug a snow cave and rationed 3 days of food into 7. Stomaches empty but hearts full, we made a couple attempts and finally touched the top and then immediately raced down to our food cache.

The experience changed our relationship and 22 years later it still reminds us that no matter what life throws at us we can rise up to meet it—together we are stronger.

That will never change, but the name of our down hooded jacket must. Our legal team advises we can no long use the name without courting trouble. We’re a small company and it’s trouble we can’t afford.

So, will you help us rename the jacket?

Is there a meaningful experience that you will share with us in a place that could inspire a new name?

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