The Alps Vest

Why Wear A Vest?

Little do many people know that by ensuring your core is kept warm, you are also ensuring that your extremities stay toasty as well. This is because as soon as your body temperature drops, your body goes into “organ protection mode”, causing a shift in your blood flow that leads to cold arms, legs, and toes! Our cores act as the motherboard of our internal temperature control.

When to Wear a Vest

We recommend wearing a vest (paired with a long sleeve tee, hats, and gloves) when doing high output alpine activities. Vests are one of the most versatile pieces you can own, wear them as a mid-layer while skiing, or even on a chilly fall hike.

Queue the Alps Vest

Ultralight, packable, water resistant….what more could you want from a core insulator! Our Alps Vest comes in both Men’s and Women’s sizes.