The Retail Revolution

It is Time to Get the World Outside

The main obstacle keeping people from going outside is the high cost of the gear. We believe the outdoors are for everyone, not just the wealthy.

As the Co-Founder and CEO of Live Out There, I know the gear we have been selling is too expensive. It’s way too expensive. But we now know it doesn’t have to be. And we can no longer let high-priced gear prevent us from fulfilling our mission. My partners and I created Live Out There in the first place to get the world outside. We’ve pursued this mission for seven years. We know the value quality gear offers to our lives, and to the pursuits of our customers.

Why Is Good Gear so Expensive?

So why is good gear so expensive? To understand, let’s deconstruct the costs of one of my favourite pieces: the down jacket hoody.

To fix the price problem, we set out to learn if we could make a better version of the down jacket and sell it for less without compromising quality. In fact, we planned to upgrade the materials used and pay more to the people constructing the garment. We discovered that by cutting out traditional retail middlemen, we can actually increase quality while reducing the cost to you, the customer.

The Retail Revolution

As of today, we are done with the old retail model where manufacturers make products and mark them up to sell to retailers that in turn mark them up again to sell to customers. This kind of retail is failing on a global scale and we’ve been a part of it for years. No more. We are going to do what others can’t or won’t: disrupt the old retail model.

How will we do this? By designing and testing gear in house. By finding the best raw materials ourselves. By ensuring the people who construct the best gear in the world are well paid for it. And by selling our products directly to our customers.

If you know me, you know that I love the outdoors. Literally everything, from climbing to camping, cycling to star gazing. Everything! I’ve climbed Everest and the Seven Summits, traipsed across deserts, and I run, ride or hike almost every day. I live and breathe out there. I’ve been field testing our down hooded jacket and I have to say it’s a remarkable piece of gear. I can’t wait for you to try it.

This fall, we launch our new product line and join the movement of retailers who are manufacturing their own high-quality products and selling them direct to consumer.

Live Out There is about to undergo enormous change. But, the mission remains the same—to get the world outside.

So, it’s over. No more overpriced gear. Just better gear at a better price. So we can all Live Out There.