I’m Going To The Olympics With Hockey Canada!

Jamie Clarke in Riga, Latvia

We at Live Out There are big Olympic fans. Especially the winter games.

For good reason—the games celebrate movement. Sure, if you can go faster, farther or higher than anyone else you get a gold medal for the effort. But to watch and cheer this effort is inspiring and it could improve our health too.

Let’s be inspired by this year’s Olympics to pick a new sport or return to an old one. Or more simply, just adding activity to your day is just as good..

Your Olympic effort this month could be get off the train two stops early en route to work or park the car father away and walk in. No matter the weather. You’re going for gold.

And yes, I am going to the Olympics—not as an athlete (lol). Though I would trade one of my Everest summits for a gold medal. I going as a coach of sorts. The Men’s Hockey team asked me to help them get ready for the games. Not on the ice, not the physical game…I’m going to help them with the mental game and what it takes to be a high performance team.

I won’t be able to share all the secrets (until after the games), but I’ll keep you posted.

Now get up and #GoForGold2018


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