The Jacket Formerly Known as

We have a new name with thanks to the hundreds of people who submitted ideas to replace the ______. A previous email and blog explained how we’ve be compelled to change the name which gave us the fun opportunity to reach out to you.

Jamie and and his son, Khobe, at the foot of Mount Assiniboine. Khobe is wearing the newly minted “Assiniboine Jacket”

Among the top suggestions was the Logan (alas, already taken) and a LOT staff favourite, the Puff Daddy which prompted concerns from P-Diddy. There was also the Canuck, Skookum and the Stawarmus.

In the end, we landed on (drumroll)…The Assiniboine Jacket.

Hard to spell but easy to remember, Mount Assiniboine is a national treasure–not just the mountain itself, but the provincial park that surrounds it.

It’s one of my favourite peaks and a place I have been visiting for more than 40 years. It’s where we chose to go this year for Family Day weekend and where I went to celebrate my 50th birthday. It’s a great name for a jacket and an even cooler place to visit. We hope you’ll go.

Mount Assiniboine

In fact, if you’re the first to send us a photo with Mount Assiniboine in the background while you’re wearing an Assiniboine jacket in the foreground—we’ll gift you another Assiniboine to share with a friend!

We like getting the world outside and nothing beats a contest to provide a little extra motivation.

As promised, Raph Morin, since you suggested the name and gave a great rationale for the name – your new Assiniboine jacket is en route. Thank you for the idea.