Finding an Outdoor Boyfriend or Girlfriend: A Rough Guide

Are you a fan of the trail? ‘Cause I think we’d make a good mix. 

Love is tricky son of a gun. A lot of time and energy goes into finding that perfect match; lord knows it’s a jungle out there. You need someone that shares your interests: someone you can share a tent with, someone who can start a fire in a pinch, someone who’s game for a weekend canoe trip at a moment’s notice. You need yourself an outdoor boyfriend or girlfriend. Here, I share with you my most valuable tips for finding your ideal rugged soulmate (some are admittedly more helpful than others).

1. Join a local running club.

Okay, so being a member of running club doesn’t necessarily make a person ‘outdoorsy’ per se, but it does mean that they go outdoors… and they’re active (start small). Run clubs are super social and if you find a good one, post-run rehydration may just take place at the local watering hole… let the sparks fly!

2. Lurk at the bottom of your favourite mountain biking trail with gatorade and protein bars in-hand.

outdoor boyfriend girlfriend

Food is the most efficient way to an outdoor enthusiast’s heart. Flash a little trail mix here, a couple Cliff bars there… and before you know it you’ll have yourself an entire wolf pack to choose from.

3. Sign up for a weekend outdoor survival course.

outdoor boyfriend girlfriend

Nothing fuels the fire like some good old fashioned edible plant identification… In all seriousness though, basic survival skills are a great thing to have and taking part in one of these courses will be a good experience whether you end up meeting your future lover or not.

4. Organize a singles night at your local rock climbing facility.

You sly dog, you. What makes this tactic so great is that anyone who attends this event is going to need a spotter. What could be more romantic than trusting someone with your life on the first date? Let the epic love story begin.

5. Teach yourself a rare bird call and hope that your future nature-loving hubby/wife is in the vicinity.

outdoor boyfriend girlfriend

When your ‘chosen one’ finally shows up, begin looking excitedly into the trees and ask them if “you’re hearing what you think you’re hearing?!”. When the bird tragically never shows, you can console one another back at your place…

6. Make this your Tinder profile picture.

outdoor boyfriend girlfriend

With a hatchet like that, who could possibly swipe left? The manliest of all outdoor pursuits. Now, all you need are some furs and a man bun to back up your story.

7. Hit the local trail, sprinkle some granola up ahead, and wait for your one and only (if you get hungry, eat some granola).

outdoor boyfriend girlfriend

Who says soulmate hunting has to be hard work? Lay the bait and let them come to you (snacks included)! No outdoor person can resist a good homemade granola.

8. ‘Accidentally’ give yourself poison ivy and seek out the park ranger for treatment.

This one’s going to have to be an absolute last resort, and you may want to consider #10 before committing to this method. You may also want to consider the age and eligibility of the park ranger on duty before you make any ‘rash’ decisions (LOL).

9. Spritz yourself with ‘Essence of Campfire, Birchwood and Bug Spray’. Wait patiently.

outdoor boyfriend girlfriend

One whiff of this and your potential partner will be weak in the knees. Stand upwind for best results.

10. Just get a dog.

outdoor boyfriend girlfriend

If none of the above tactics seem to be working out quite as well as you’d hoped, it may be time to consider a canine companion. They love outdoor activities, they love food, they’re great listeners… hmm. Perhaps this should have been number one on the list?