So you like to post the odd photo online of your epic weekend shredding powder or dropping into some gnarly trail on your bike, but has your social sharing become obsessive? Do you go hiking and find yourself thinking “would that angle look good with a Valencia filter?” or “how long can I hold that pose on that cliff?” Do you now only see the great outdoors you used to love and enjoy through a 50mm lens or an iPhone 6 plus screen?

Here are 10 warnings signs that you may have crossed the line and become an Outdoor Instaholic….

  1. You take 500 photos on a day hike just so you can get that one snap that will go viral with its sheer awesomeness.

  2. You make your adventure partner stand in silly poses just to get that apparently authentic “having a moment” shot.


  3. After returning from a day of epic adventure your first reaction is to spend 30 minutes getting your Instagram posted – the dog can be wait to be fed and dinner is for wimps.

  4. You post once a day just so you can get the “likes” buzz.

  5. Being regrammed is not just an honour but probably the highlight of your week.


  6. You have been on an Instameet, and your best friends are now all Instagrammers.

  7. You have used animals in your Instagram shots just to boost your likes.

  8. You have gone hunting for the Northern Lights at 2am because you know the shot will be the crowning glory in your feed.

  9. You have more hashtags to use than Instagram will let you #LifeIsNotFair.

  10. A squirrel once stole your lunch while you set up that perfect picnic shot!


Like all good personality tests, here is what your score means:

  • 0-3: Still A Tourist – you are still enjoying the great outdoors and capturing moments like you are shooting with precious film that only holds 24 exposures!
  • 4-6: Slippery Slide – there are worrying signs in your behaviour that suggest your usage may be more than just recreational!
  • 7-8: Close to Reaching Rock Bottom – you are staring into the abyss, just a couple of steps from the crevasse. You can rope up and turn back but it’s going to take some strong discipline to get your shooting finger and posting under control!
  • 9-10: Welcome to the Instaholics Club – the only way to move forward is to just get more “likes” and “followers” (hint @helenakcox) so that you can become a professional instagrammer and get paid to travel and shoot!