7 Hiking Life Hacks

Hey Live Out There gang! I recently put some thought into how I’ve become a smarter adventurer and want to share my simple hiking life hacks with you. Lets just say blisters, black toenails, hanger and chafing have been some of my greatest teachers. I’ve... read more

Tips for Starting a Campfire In Not-So-Perfect Conditions

I once did an outdoor survival course where everyone was asked to build what they thought was the ultimate fire. The instructors wanted us to spend a few minutes collecting wood and showing them what we thought the optimum structure was to encourage a burgeoning... read more

What’s In Your Trunk: Advice From A Road Warrior

In an ideal world, the weather would be perfect, cars would always purr, and all roads would be straight and smooth. Alas, this is Canada, and that’s not how we roll. We have white-knuckle winter white-outs; radiator-boiling, pavement-melting summer Sundays;... read more

7 Ways to Stay Safe on the Trails

With spring brings a new start, new running shoes and fresh trails. Whether you’re new to walking the river valley or hiking the mountains, or you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast who regularly runs or bikes, you may want to brush up on your safety... read more

What Happens When You Get Sick Out There?

An ounce of prevention.. Before we get into how to care for yourself when you are sick in the backcountry, let’s talk about how to prevent illness so this drastic situation doesn’t occur. Brian Beffort, an adventurist and outdoor enthusiast, includes in his book, “Joy... read more

Adventuring For Couples: A Survival Guide

You are an awesome, interesting, loving person who is also cool and outdoorsy. And, you have an awesome, caring and seriously attractive girlfriend or boyfriend who is also cool and outdoorsy (#winning). So now you are thinking: “this is so great! We can learn from... read more

Could You Survive in the Wild?

Think you’ve got what it takes to stay alive until help comes? Let’s find out. If you’re looking for some additional things you can do in preparation to get out there, make sure you know the basics of making a good survival... read more

Getting Dirty In the Backcountry

Get Dirty–It’s Good For You We are killing ourselves with cleanliness! Our society’s gross over-consumption of antibiotics is the perfect storm of new and virulent strains of resistant bacteria combined with the self-destruction of our natural bacterial gut cultures.... read more

Risks in the Backcountry

The 80% Rule Modesty…that’s a key in the backcountry. No, not that kind of modesty. What I mean is: modest risk. Stay in control. My family, when we’re mountain biking, agrees that we’ll stop at the top after a long climb. We’ll rest there, mentally... read more

How to: Dealing with Ticks

The seasonal tick infestation: watching for Lyme’s Disease, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever In western Canada May and June are tick season. There is nothing trivial about Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. They are painful, sometimes debilitating... read more


For many would-be explorers, bears have become the Boogie Man of the backcountry, one giant sharp-toothed, long-clawed, dangerously predatory reason to stay at home and out of the wild. However, the reality is that bear encounters are few and far between and almost... read more

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