5 Necessities For Backpacking Bliss

The great outdoors is calling, and it’s time to pick up. You’ve gone on day trip adventures and fallen in love with hiking but now you think you are ready to make the jump into backpacking. To put it simply: the key to becoming a happy backpacker is... read more

Pack Smart for Iceland’s Wild Weather

From midnight sun to black sand, Iceland is a country rich in the unexpected. And the weather is no exception. So what should you bring? If all else fails, just remember to pack smart. Consider Your Trip Details What will your primary activities be during your time in... read more

Trail Snacks: What To Pack For Family Hikes

The thought of hiking with the kids can be a daunting if you begin to consider what to pack and  how far into the hike you’ll be carrying your fellow hikers. However, hiking can be a healthy and fun outdoor activity that kids will enjoy, if the hike is designed to set... read more

Kilimanjaro Gear Essentials

There’s a lot to consider when planning any multi-day adventure, and there are certain places you just shouldn’t cut corners. While we can’t always have the latest and greatest in cool gear and apparel, 15,000’ is no place to be doubting if you brought the right... read more

Survival Kits: The Essentials

Hope for the best; prepare for the worst. A truer proverb has never been uttered, and heading “Out There” is certainly no exception. Perhaps it is human nature to assume that encountering a life or death scenario is something that happens to ‘other... read more

Kayak Camping Essentials

In case you didn’t know, kayak camping is the best thing ever. Why is kayak camping the best? It’s because you can bring literally everything you need to make your camp-out the most comfortable experience ever, without having to worry about freeze dried... read more

Whats in Your Pack!?

“I have travelled all over the world for expeditions, some long and some short, and over the years I have honed down the gear that I put in my pack. Of course you have to tailor your kit to your activity of choice, but there are a few things that no adventurer... read more

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