Why Trail Running is Better Than Urban Running

June is the official kick off to trail running season, and we’ve picked out the top races we will be keeping track of this summer. Check out the bottom of this article for our picks – and for the gear to get you there. New at the sport? Here is some... read more

Top 10 Winter Activities For Students

So, it’s the end of February. We get it, you’re tired. By this point assignments are piling up, group projects are getting you down, and the thought of your next deadline is looming over your head. The stress is very real, and you’ve probably become very aware... read more

Why Fall Camping is the Best Camping

Fall camping may come with more rain, but we  don’t think that should be enough to dampen your spirits. Here is why we think you shouldn’t stow away your gear yet: 1.No Crowds No more mosquitos, black flies, and the best yet: Other people! 2. It’s... read more

Escape your Campus: UBC Edition

School is back in session. You’re sitting in class, staring at the clock, day-dreaming of summer adventures. Stop day-dreaming, we have good news: being back in class doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring! Here are four different ways that you can escape... read more

Five Ways To Beat The Freshman 15

Yes, friends, the struggle is actually quite real. It turns out that nobody is immune to the Freshman Fifteen. With distractions of parties, cafeteria food, endless dollar beer nights, and of COURSE, most importantly, your academic studies sometimes it’s hard to... read more

Ready Set Go: Race Day Tips

As the summer comes to a close, there’s one thing I always look forward to: race season is upon us! The weather cools down and races pop up all over North America, as runners get ready to put their training to the ultimate test. Whether running in the city or on a... read more

Awesome Summer Activities You Might Not Have Heard Of

Getting out there and exploring the beauty of this awesome planet is something we all enjoy doing – but we all tent to get stuck in our habits. It’s easy to fixate on just one activity that you really enjoy doing – whether that’s hiking, running or... read more

Misconceptions About Trail Running

One of my goals for Summer 2016 is to incorporate more trail running into my weekly training. After recovering from a tibial stress fracture (which, by the way, I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy) I took to forested trails to ease my body back into it.... read more

The 9 Ultimate Camping Hacks

Canada is a vast and varied treasure trove of camping spots. Want wild beaches and ocean views? You got it. Looking for remote, mountainous forests? No problem. You can pretty much pitch a tent anywhere and be spoiled by this country’s natural riches. However, much... read more

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