New Spring Arrivals

Here are a few additions to our offering. For spring, we are making available some key gear pieces. Our mission is to get the world outside because people who spend time being active outside are happier, healthier and more creative. Nothing says ‘get active’ more than a pair of pants. And our pants—the Kootenay—were designed to be “three season.” I’ve used these pants for mountaineering, ski-touring, hiking, grocery runs and beers (several) with buddies. Thumbs up. We hope you like them.

Hardshell jackets are spendy. We’re offering one that is not. This raincoat—the Kukui—with matching pants gives shelter from wind and rain at a price that makes sense. Before you spend $500+ on a jacket to do this, spend $100 on this one and go the distance. Shove this jacket and pants into your pack, paniers, canoe bow or car trunk and you’re good go.

All of what we make comes with a lifetime guarantee. And when it comes to rain coats, I always suggest going a size up. If you’re normally a large in LOT gear, move to XL in a rain coat. Stay the course with the pants. For jackets, a looser fit works better for layering in a downpour and keeps a little more room between you and the elements.

Now get out there!

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