Camping Things You Didn’t Know You Needed

Sleeping bags and tents are essential, but why stop there? Earn some serious adventure-cred with some of our coolest pieces of campsite-ready gear! Who says you can’t take the kitchen sink? MSR Sweetwater Microfilter Sea To Summit Ultra Sil Kitchen Sink Nemo... read more

Hammock Heaven – 5 Reasons to Camp in One

Hammocks deserve a more prominent place in our lives. Comfortable, cool and completely convenient, hammocks are so great that they’ve even been known to cure insomnia. So leave the air-filled mattress behind the next time you camp, and embrace the restorative... read more

Lightweight Tents: The Best Of

 Heading into the woods/mountains/swamp? Will you more than likely be hiking for the foreseeable future? You’re going to need an ultra-lightweight tent, and you’re going to need it ASAP. While some people might be looking for the frills, the built-in... read more

Mountain Hardwear: Optic Vue 2.5 vs Ghost Sky 2

The process of finding your dream tent can be..intense. Pun intended. In a sea of brand-specific jargon and a mishmash of measurements, weights, and materials, it can be a little tricky to navigate your way into a solid portable shelter. But fear not! We’re... read more

Think you only need one set of skis? Think again!

When we first moved to British Columbia from Manitoba in 2010, my husband and I (foolishly) thought there were two types of skis:  cross-country skis and downhill skis.  The cross-country skis were super skinny and meant for flat, open terrain (such as a river or... read more

The ‘Biner – A Lifesaver, Not a Keychain

Cool Gear: The Carabiner The carabiner is a locking device used by climbers to secure themselves to the anchor points that preserve their lives. It’s shaped like a D and fits in the palm of your hand. The loop that it forms is opened and closed by a spring-loaded arm.... read more

EcoSouLife: Fair Dinkum or A Waste Of Money?

This stuff is spendy, but what is the real cost? The Aussies have done it again. From the land of… Vegemite, dual flush toilets, Koalas, platypuses, kangaroos, wallabies, walkabouts, wombats, Uluru, and billabongs, the spork, didgeridoos, crikey, Crocodile Dundee and... read more

Map Chats

Topographical Maps: Learning how to read a map requires practice.Too many times when travellers get lost in the backcountry they have no maps among them, or if they have one, this is the first time it has been opened. At this point, it’s too late. It’s like if... read more

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