How to Get Rain Ready

Brave the rain Whatever your adventure in the great outdoors, it’s always a smart to pack rainwear. Staying dry can be about comfort for your activity, and even safety. A wet body is one that risks hypothermia when colder weather creeps into the equation – and the... read more

How to Layer

Layering: What to Wear on your Outdoor Adventures! Thinking of doing some activities in the great outdoors? Well then it’s time we talk about layers. For a long time now, the outdoor world has adopted a basic 3-layer system, which is actually quite flexible. You... read more

How to Pick a Winter Jacket

What’s a Winter Jacket? A winter jacket is typically a coat with some added insulation and length that makes it appropriate for cold-weather usage. Unlike lightweight jackets worn as a mid layer under an outer shell, winter jackets are meant to be more of a... read more

Down Vs Synthetic

In Canada, we know the importance of a warm insulated jacket, but there is no shortage of varieties to choose from so how do you make sure you get the right jacket for you? Lets start with the biggest choice you have to make: down vs synthetic insulation? Down The low... read more

What to Pack: Fall Hiking Guide

Days are getting shorter, and there are fewer people on the trail, which is exactly why the mountains are calling and you should answer them. So how do you prepare yourself for the quickly impending nightfall and the risks that come with the wild country we live in?... read more

How to Get your Kids Winter Ready

Back-to-School has flown by, Halloween is just around the corner, and before you know it winter and its cold snowy weather will be gusting in. When it comes to enjoying the outdoors and keeping your kids happy, the number one rule is “Stay Warm”. Here are a few simple... read more

Why Fall Camping is the Best Camping

Fall camping may come with more rain, but we  don’t think that should be enough to dampen your spirits. Here is why we think you shouldn’t stow away your gear yet: 1.No Crowds No more mosquitos, black flies, and the best yet: Other people! 2. It’s... read more

Your Guide to Base-layering

If you’re not there yet, it is probably time for you to get serious about getting comfortable outdoors. We are talking about layering. To put it simply, layering is the key to outdoor happiness. Your base layer is the first of three essential layers and it’s... read more

A Guide to Mid-layers

Mid-layers can be hard to navigate, so we’ve decided to help. Here is your guide to some of our favourite mid-layer jackets! We have honed in on two different categories; down, and everything else!  The “everything else” category is mostly synthetic,... read more

What to Wear for Your Commute: Walk, Run, Bike

At last! A look at the long-term forecast brings me feelings of great joy rather than tears of dismay! Spring has arrived (in Toronto, at least) and it’s time to start taking advantage of it. Commuting to work is a great way to squeeze in some training and to... read more

Trail Picks: Coasts vs Prairies

It doesn’t really matter where you are across the country – the outdoor game in Canada is on point. From sea to shining sea, the quality of camp sites, kayak-able bodies of water and climbing routes is pretty much unmatched, making it pretty easy for us to spend... read more

How To Choose Hiking Boots

Happy feet make a happy adventurer – finding the right hiking boots are going to make or break your outdoor experience. While you might think that all hikers are created equal, there’s a spectrum of boots out there, and knowing where you fall on the scale is... read more

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