One of CBC Radio’s most exciting segments; Get Out There with Jamie Clarke aired on Southern Alberta’s popular Homestretch program. Each week Jamie shared stories and advice collected over his many years as an outdoor adventurer and explorer. His segments are full of useful information, humorous and exciting stories, and important guidelines for adventure seekers of all skill levels. Get Out There with Jamie Clarke, is entertaining, informative, and most of all strives to inspire all Canadians to strap on their packs, unload their canoes, unfurl their tents, or lace up their boots and head out to find their own adventure, whether it’s close to home or in the depths of the Canadian wild.


Stay Active Outside

Road Biking

Caving and Spelunking: The World Below

Adventures with your Kids!

The Other Side of Fear

Exploring Our Rivers – Watersports and Safety

Fuelling the Fire: Fitness and Food for Outdoor Adventures


What’s in your Pack!?

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