• All adventures — in mountains, deserts, forests, jungles or your own hometown — are worth finding and exploring.
  • Having the right clothing and gear — that fits, is comfortable, performs and lasts — allows you to go farther and longer, be safer and have more fun.
  • Your online shopping experience should be quick, easy and rewarding — allowing you to get into your active pursuits with a smile on your face.
  • Building partnerships with outdoor industry leaders will continue to make us better and offer you the best technology and advancements.
  • People who spend time in the natural world will become champions of the environment and play a role in preserving our precious resources.


Meet The Founders

Jamie Clarke
CEO and Co-founder

Jamie grew up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, where he embarked on a lifelong outdoor pursuit. Jamie’s spirit of adventure has taken him around the world, including four expeditions to Everest (twice reaching the summit), conquering the Seven Summits (the highest mountains on all seven continents) and being the first Westerner in 50 years to cross the Empty Quarter desert in Saudi Arabia. Starting LiveOutThere.com was another adventure in a long and growing list, and Jamie continues to travel the world: playing in the outdoors, speaking at conferences and inspiring others to find their Everest.

George Achilleos
President and Co-founder

George is a Calgary native who developed a strong connection to the outdoor lifestyle before exploring the world of business. After years as an IBM executive, he got together with his buddy Jamie Clarke to open the Out There Adventure Centre store in downtown Calgary. Once the business was established as a hub for adventure-seekers, he and Jamie launched LiveOutThere.com to expand the reach and vision to include all of Canada.