5 Undeniably Canadian Winter Adventures

Well, they don’t call it the GREAT white north for nothing! Impeccable manners and devastatingly good looks aside… this rugged playground we call home is teeming with possibilities for the adventure seeker. From ice fishing in the east to conquering mountains in the west, Canada’s got you covered (how lucky are we!?). While there are SO many ways you can get outside and explore this season, we’ve managed to narrow down the top 5 Canadian adventures you MUST experience this winter.

1. Go Snowboarding or skiing in British Columbia


This one is pretty much a given… in fact, there may not be a more authentic way to enjoy this country’s winter months! Whistler, Revelstoke, Sun Peaks, Kicking Horse… take your pick – Western Canada is host to many of the best mountains and ski resorts in the world, making it an obvious choice for any sort of adventure undertaking. So, get yourself set up with the proper gear and get ready for the ride of your life!

2. Witness the northern lights in Whitehorse, Yukon


Also known as the Aurora Borealis, photos of this natural phenomenon can do it no justice—it’s something you NEED to see with your own two eyes! Technically, the mysterious dancing lights are caused by the collision of charged protons and electrons with oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the earth’s upper atmosphere. The collision results in a release of energy from the electrons in the form of light (…zzz). Regardless of the cause, the outcome is absolutely breathtaking. Whitehorse is one of the greatest places in country (and the world) to witness this magical show, as the lights here are visible 240 days out of the year. You’ll get the most out of your visit between mid-November to mid-April when the sunlight is at its weakest.

3. Experience Dog Sledding in Alberta


Dog sledding has actually played an extremely important role in Canada’s history! It’s estimated that humans in the northern and Arctic regions of the world have been working alongside dogs for over 4,000 years. In Canada specifically, early exploration and cross-country trading efforts would not have been possible without the advent of dog sledding! There are many kennels in Alberta that will get you mushing behind some of these powerful pups in no time. Snowy Owl Sled Dog Tours in particular offers many different tour options with gorgeous mountain scenery in the background (they also offer kennel visits with the husky puppies in the summer…).

4.Discover Snowshoeing in Quebec


Hiking season doesn’t need to end once the snow starts to fall! Quebec has some unbeatable snowshoeing trails alongside stunning winter landscapes. The trails are at their best between the months of December and March, so if you’re keen to explore and looking for a great workout while you’re at it, this could be your new favourite winter activity! Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Snowshoeing for some need-to-know info, and if you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at a few of our favourite trails in Montreal.

5. Try Ice Fishing in New Brunswick


Winter is the perfect time for a New Brunswick adventure! Big Nictau Lake in Mount Carleton Provincial Park, is one of many great places in NB to set up camp and drop your line in hopes of seeing some perch, trout or landlocked salmon show up in time for dinner! (If all else fails, at least there will be plenty of ice around for alternative activities while you wait…). There are some cozy fishing lodges open year-round, where you can settle in for a hot drink after a hard day’s work. (Be sure to check the provincial rules and regulations for licensing and bag limits before heading out.)


Have an adventure in mind that didn’t make the list? Share your inspiration in the comments below!