5 Reasons Why Vancouver Island has the Best Sunrises

Sunrise has always been my favourite time of day. And luckily for me, Vancouver Island provides some amazing spots to witness the sun come up each morning! Here’s why I think you should set your alarm extra early tomorrow:

1. Best part of climbing mountains is you still get an ocean view.

Sometimes you can even get a view of both sides of the island.


Best of both worlds. Mt. Becher provides a sunrise overlooking the Georgia Straight. Even Luki was excited!

2. Moody weather on the island means amazing sunrises.

Even on the cloudiest days, the sun always seems to make a grand entrance.


A quick paddle off of Cattle Point and you start to forget you haven’t had your cup of coffee yet.

3. It’s even possible to get above the clouds!

Vancouver Island’s mountains make for an impressive way to greet the morning.


The view of Nahmint from the summit of 5040 doesn’t disappoint.

4. It’s easy to get lost in your own world.

Whole lake to yourself while everyone else is still in bed? Pretty typical.


An early morning on Great Central Lake means the whole lake to yourself.

5. Best part of being surrounded by water, is that you get double the sunrise with an ocean reflection. 


The morning calm in Victoria makes you forget you are a minute away from the city!


Where’s your favourite place to watch the sunrise?