5 Must Do’s on Vancouver Island this Summer

Need some ideas to fill the rest of your summer weekends? We’ve got you covered. Vancouver Island is full of things to see and do; here are a few to add to your summer bucket list.


1.Stay up late and watch the stars

August 11-12 is Perseid’s meteor shower: grab a warm blanket, some wine, and get out of the city!


2. Chase some waterfalls

Nothing like chasing some waterfalls to cool down on a warm summer day. Here’s some of my favourites on the island.


3. Find an alpine lake to dive into

Take a tour around the boardwalks of Paradise Meadows, or grunt up local favourites like: 5040 or Triple Peak for some backcountry pools.


4. Swim amongst an underwater forest

Think snorkelling is just for your tropical vacation? Think again. Borrow, rent, or buy some snorkel gear and head downtown Victoria to enter into a new world.


5. Watch the sunset on the west coast of the island

Nothing beats a west coast sunset, with nothing but miles of ocean between you and the setting sun.


What is a must do on your list?