5 Must Do’s on Vancouver Island this Summer

Need some ideas to fill the rest of your summer weekends? We’ve got you covered. Vancouver Island is full of things to see and do; here are a few to add to your summer bucket list. 1.Stay up late and watch the stars August 11-12 is Perseid’s meteor shower:... read more

Travel to new heights

If you’re like us, you share our enthusiasm for authentic and sustainable travel. You’re an earth-loving, adventure-seeking collector of amazing experiences that create meaningful and positive change. We believe that travel makes us better people – that while some... read more

Adventure Scholarship Winner: Newfoundland

With a social response that was as strong as her province’s “gale-force winds” we are excited to announce that the Live Out There Adventure Scholarship winner is Naomi B. from Newfoundland and Labrador! Naomi’s love of Newfoundland and passion... read more

How to Pack for a Multi-Climate Trip

Backpacking is awesome. It’s the ultimate adventure; just you and your backpack, crossing countries, crossing continents. You could start your trip visiting temples in Thailand, and end it watching the northern lights in Norway. But backpacking also throws up a pretty... read more

Nau: Sustainability Meets Style

How often are we able to find attractive, effortless pieces that will keep up with whatever we’re doing?   The answer: almost never.   In an industry where the best gear isn’t always the best looking, we are lucky enough to have found Nau.... read more

New To Canada – Summer Survival Guide

Six years ago I had just stepped off a plane from Blighty (the UK) and taken my first steps into the True North to begin my new life in Canada. The freezing wind and driving snow that I had been warned about were nowhere to be seen, which was surprising given I was in... read more

Backpacking Checklist: Everything You Need for Australia

So you’ve decided to embark on the quintessential backpacking trip to the land down under; maybe you’re even toying with the idea of a working holiday to fund your trip. The thought of being so far away from home for so long with literally only the clothes... read more

5 Stunning & Affordable Backpacking Destinations

Me: I want to travel! Bank Account: HAHAHA no. We’ve all been there (and for some, still are): You’ve spent countless hours in the darkest depths of the internet scouring for travel-inspo and carefully crafting your bucket-list, only to be reminded that... read more

5 Reasons Why Vancouver Island has the Best Sunrises

Sunrise has always been my favourite time of day. And luckily for me, Vancouver Island provides some amazing spots to witness the sun come up each morning! Here’s why I think you should set your alarm extra early tomorrow: 1. Best part of climbing mountains is... read more

Adventure Scholarship Finalist: Quebec

By Chantal Gagnon Within the last fifteen years or so, I’ve traveled all over the country; I’ve literally lived our country’s motto: from sea to sea. From the rocky shores of Nova Scotia to the lovely beaches of Vancouver Island, over the Rockies, through the Prairies... read more

Adventure Scholarship Finalist: Newfoundland

By: Naomi Brown The barren, rocky slope provides no footholds as a chilling, gale-force wind batters my eardrums and buffets my jacket, threatening to whisk me down into the roaring waves below. This is true exhilaration. The land and the ocean are part of who I am.... read more

Adventure Scholarship Finalist: New Brunswick

By: Jake Stillwell Good things come in small packages. This assertion can be confirmed by the awe-inspiring paysage of New Brunswick. It is Canada’s third smallest province by area, but arguably its richest in natural splendour. New Brunswick is an outdoor... read more

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