Shoulder Season Camping with @AdventureConwards

We teamed up with our friend @AdventureConwards to share some perks about shoulder season camping. Check out his story below: Like what Connor’s wearing and in need of some cozy shoulder season gear? Shop the look here: Vest Hat... read more

Why Mountains are the Best Cure for a Breakup

You know the kind of breakup where your heart feels like it’s splitting in two? Dramatic, I know. But there are those days when the amount of rom-coms, nights out with friends, and cuddles with the neighbourhood cat just doesn’t seem to make it better. So... read more

A Weekend at Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park

Gear Cost Danger Discomfort These are the top three obstacles preventing people from being active outside. I hear it all the time. And I get it. Good outdoor gear is spendy. The only way to make buying this stuff more of an investment vs. a colossal waste of money is... read more

The Perfect Stew for after an Adventure

First make the walnut parm. Pulse 1 cup of walnuts, lemon zest, small pinch of salt, and 2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast in a food processor – until it forms a crumble. Chop the onion, leek and carrots to be a similar size – so that they cook at the... read more

Winter Activities at Kootenay National Park

Looking for an awesome way to use your Parks Canada 2017 Discovery Pass this winter? Why not head over to Kootenay National Park. Located under an hour away from Canmore, Kootenay National Park offers a wide array of winter activities that the whole family can enjoy.... read more

The Jukil Lodge Project: Help Us Achieve Our Goal

Have you heard the news? We’ve teamed up with G Adventures and Planeterra to give away a trip to Bolivia! The Bolivia Discovery Trip will take one lucky winner on an unforgettable journey across Bolivia, including an overnight stay at the Jukil Lodge, a... read more

Bolivia Discovery Trip Giveaway

It’s that time of the year, winter, while beautiful and fun, is starting to overstay its cold welcome. No matter where you look on social media, all you can see are pictures of friends and family away on vacations, enjoying the sun. We feel your pain, and... read more

How to Pick a Winter Jacket

What’s a Winter Jacket? A winter jacket is typically a coat with some added insulation and length that makes it appropriate for cold-weather usage. Unlike lightweight jackets worn as a mid layer under an outer shell, winter jackets are meant to be more of a... read more

Top 10 Winter Activities For Students

So, it’s the end of February. We get it, you’re tired. By this point assignments are piling up, group projects are getting you down, and the thought of your next deadline is looming over your head. The stress is very real, and you’ve probably become very aware... read more

How to Turn Your Cat into Your Adventure Buddy

Some say that we are a product of our surroundings. The same can go for a cat. You may immediately associate cats with lazy loaves that lounge around all day. How about a fierce feline that tackles trails and navigates lakes and oceans? Meet Bolt and Keel. These... read more

Weekday Warrior: Lake O’Hara in the Winter

Lake O’Hara is one of those places in the Canadian Rockies that is so special that it is worth the extra bit of effort to get out to. In spring of 2016, I tried tirelessly to get a bus ticket for the 22km round-trip to the lake (no private vehicles/bicycles are... read more

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